BIC or Swift Code for PRIORIS is PRROFR21

Updated: 08-08-2022

Business Identifier Code (BIC) of the bank- PRIORIS is PRROFR21 , located in France (FR).

Find details of the Swift Code - PRROFR21 Below-

PRROFR21 is use for the bank PRIORIS of France (FR) as swift code or BIC.

Name of the Bank :


Swift Code for the Bank :


Branch Name :

PRIORIS, France, FR.

Bank Type :


Country :


Country Code :


Address :

France, FR

BIC Code analysis :

8 letter swift code: PRROFR21 ,where First 4 letter is Institution code after that 2 letter is Country code then last are the Location code.

Services Provides :

Including swift facility along with all other financial services

What is the swift code of the bank PRIORIS?

Swift code for the bank PRIORIS is PRROFR21 .

Is PRROFR21 is correct for PRIORIS?

Yes, the PRROFR21 is eight digits longer and which is correct zip code of the bank - PRIORIS.


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